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First violin (Belsca Quartet)

Perfect naked armpit
peeking out from silk teal,
flowing dress as water
as two, tanned, shapely arms
balance her bow with silken catgut
& she pauses, clicking her toe
on her iPad score
as she plays first violin passionately.

Naturally, she’s a Romanian
whose classical training took her to London
and she remained there, meeting
a Polish violist at University,
and they began a string quartet
named after her family name
which set the entire world on fire.

Did she keep her first violin?
Did her parents have an inkling
of her violin prowess?

Her obsidian wavy locks flowed freely,
shining under the concert hall lights.

The men also played well;
the 4 worked as a well-honed unit.
The quartet sparked the audience
members’ blood awake,
enchanting all, until the very last note.

  Carrie Magness Radna